Fresh Flowers

Gifting flowers to someone is best way to express your feeling for a particular event or occasion. Flowers play a wonder fool part in decor home, no matter whether they are at outdoor or indoor, it may a house, office or any apartment flowers can attract any one in affordable way .if you care them properly flowers can share their fragrance for longer lime some very important point to follow to keep them fresh.

It’s very important to you that buy your flowers from a reputed and trusted online florist or from a trusted shop that give u quality and fresh flowers. When you buy fresh flowers you can keep them fresh for long time

Before put your flowers in glass vase or any other pot first clean your pot with warm water and cut the stems with a sharp knife, please careful while doing process this not to crush flowers stems.

Now it all on you give water regular and clean them, try to change water on daily basis it reduce bacterial growth and give long life for your flowers keep your flowers vase clean it also help you to reduce bacterial infection . When you are not at home you can store your flowers in refrigerator to keep them very fresh. Remove dry petals daily it will keep your flowers vase more attractive

Temperature of place where you put your flowers is very important direct sunlight harm your flowers and temperature should be comfortable for your flowers keep your flowers away from heating units and direct air.